New to 3D printing? Meet Wippit
No complex modelling or slicing software. Just a simple click & print.
From digital to reality, you can get the most unique products from the world's coolest brands as well as Wippit Accredited Designers.


Create & Sell in One-Click

Giving away your STL files to other designers may be great for professional designers who want high level customisation, but what about everyone else? What about those who don't know anything about 3D printing software and slicing? Wouldn't you love to sell to them and get your cool designs into the hands of people who aren't just designers? Why print it at home and post it to them? Wippit puts your ideas into the hands of your customers with a simple click.

Monetise STL Files

Virtual Inventory becomes a reality. Wippit allows you to monetise all those STL files just sitting on your hard drive.

Easy Integration

Simply drag and drop your STL files into the Wippit folder & sell them via the Wippit Marketplace.

Safe & Secure

The most important piece of Wippit is that your STL files are safe. No more file sharing. Simple One-Click Printing.



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Get in touch and grow your business through 3D printing with secure sharing.

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One-Click Print.
Your STL files never leave your secure server keeping your IP protected.

Infinite Inventory

Infinite Inventory©
With Wippit your STL's become an infinite resource.

Social Selling

Social Selling.
Simple integration allows your likes to become sales. Social selling in a snap.

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