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Accredited Brand

Wippit Accredited Brand

Join Wippit as an accredited brand to feature on our new marketplace featuring brands and designers side by side. You can now share your original content without giving away your STL. This is unique to Wippit and means we offer the most secure patent pending pay per print solution available today. It’s simple, effective and efficient for both you, and the customer.

Wippit Box

Wippit box allows you to share your 3D files, without sharing your 3D files. Thats right! Simply drag and drop your files in to Wippit Box without sending or uploading your digital content.


The dashboard lives inside Wippit Box where you can create your desired profile. This tool gives you full control to monitor and control your sales and content with ease and simplicity.


Your profile is made, your content is added. Sit back and relax while customers print your original content whilst having no access to your digital files. Share your 3D content like never before.

Currently Wippit Box is not supported by MAC.
We recommend using a Windows machine to continue.