This blog post will show you how to paint a centre piece of scenery of war-games and collectors. The model I have chosen to paint is ’The Dwarf King Statue’ from Avatars of War, now available on our marketplace.

Step by step:
1. Preparing the Parts:
This model consists of 4 parts printed individually. Each model should come out clean and ready for painting, but if not you can simply use a craft knife to remove any excess filament. I used a metal brush for a deeper clean. Once you have all the parts ready, apply some glue and carefully join the parts together. You can then go ahead and prime the model with black paint. As usual, I used Citadel Chaos Black. Priming is very important as it helps the paint to stick to the surface of your model.

2. Painting the statue:
Since this project has a considerable number of pieces, I will show you a reduced number of easy painting methods that will allow you to paint everything with ease.

The stone:
For the base, I used a mix of grey and turquoise to achieve a unique tone of grey for a statue look. (Turquoise - Vallejo 72.024 50% + Cold Grey - Vallejo 72.050 50%). I then added some white to the mix before painting the second coat to brighten the model. (Ghost Grey - Vallejo 72.046). Using an airbrush, I sprayed from the top down creating highlights and shadows. To finish, I applied a dry-brush of white for final highlighting (Ghost Grey - Vallejo 72.046).

For weathering affects, I used a diluted dark brown and an old brush for stippling the paint (Charred Brown - Vallejo 72.045). I focused more on the lower parts for a more natural affect. I also added some touches of green for simulating mosh effects (Goblin Green - Vallejo 72.030).

To complete the look of the model, I finished with a final coat of matt varnish for extra protection (Vallejo 70.520).

Hope you have enjoyed the post.You can find the whole process on Wippit’s Official Youtube Channel.