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Geared Linkage Container

Hey, there wonderful people! The Geared Linkage Container is a fun box that simultaneously opens both lids/wings. It uses two gears to control the lids to close the sort of hexagonal-shaped container. Oh... and obviously it's a support free container, because of the 3 different parts that latch into each other, you are able to print it in different colors without having a dual extrusion printer! This one had the same idea behind it as the Butterfly Box, the difference is that it uses fewer parts and has a different shape. If you're storing small parts in it, this one might be a better decision since it will be easier to reach them. The wings have an angle to the edges which allow them to be printed without supports, I also designed the back of the wings to stop moving after a certain angle since they physically won't be able to move anymore and fall out of place if they are turned further. Luckily, I solved this problem early on in the design by simulating the angle of the movement. Fortunately, I had an old friend called "gravity" that helped me design this one ; ) I designed the lids to fall into place and attach to each other when placed into the box. The assembly is pretty straight forward and is good to go after printing the parts :D Good luck with the prints, Steve!


Support Material


Additional Information


Material PLA
Support NO
Approx Print Time 1 hrs 3 mins 23 sec
Size of Print X 80.0mm, Y 80.0mm, Z 42.0mm

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