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Helical geared box

Hey, there wonderful people! Today we're entering the world of gears with the Helical-Geared box. This design uses 2 helical gears, one of them with a grip to open the lid. The lid falls back into place when releasing the gear and closes shut. This is a support-free box, that contains 4 parts: The lid, 2 helical gears, and of course the main part where everything snaps together. This design is the first geared design, there are many more still to come. I can't wait : ) This design needed a lot of testing before reaching the end goal. The problem that I encountered was that the lid got in the way of the assembly, but after some testing, I changed and tweaked it to clip onto the driven gear successfully! Why gears?! Well, I've tried to print gears in the past, but the prints were not perfect and didn't work as I would have liked. I tested a few gears and the ones that I found to print and work the best were the helical gears, they also printed the best at a faster speed. Assembly: Let's get right to it with the helical gears, the drive gear (the one that I'm turning in the photo above) is connected by using a clip that you just have to push in. Remember to first assemble the driven gear otherwise it won't fit in, because getting the drive gear out can sometimes be a challenge! The driven gear is assembled by sliding it into the upper left slot. The lid just clips, and I found it easier to slide the drive gear into the lid while sliding it into the main component! Steps: First, assemble the driven gear by sliding it into the main component. Clip the lid onto the driven gear. Then finally clip the drive gear into place. Let me know if you have any issues printing or assembling the design! Thanks Steve


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Additional Information


Material PLA
Support NO
Approx Print Time 12 mins 54 sec
Size of Print X 33.92mm, Y 33.73mm, Z 11.80mm

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