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Hexagonal Box (large)

Hey everyone! This one was a lot of fun creating, it printed perfectly for the first time and who doesn't love hinges. It's a hexagonal box with hinges in the middle, a print-in-place design that is easy to print, easy to use, and of course, needs no support! There is a cool feature that I discovered and incorporated into the design. As you scale the design up, the pattern on the outside changes from a circular to an octagonal shape! This is the larger version of the box, you are welcome to check out the smaller version on my profile that will have a circular texture on the outside, instead of octagonal pattern. It also keeps the box from slipping out of your hand if you're carrying it since it doesn't have a lock or any screw mechanism built-in yet! I'm Looking forward to posting that one! This Idea came to life when I was thinking of a container that could be useful to everyone while being easy to print and use. It makes it easy when I need to carry them without them falling all over the place. The connectors at the end of the design make sure that if there's something heavy inside it doesn't break the hinges. There's not much to say, it's an easy and quick design to print. Enjoy the design! Thanks Steve


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Material PLA
Support NO
Approx Print Time NONE
Size of Print X 92.4mm, Y 167.02mm, Z 55.5mm

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