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Hinged screw-in Box

Hey, Awesome people! Today's design is jumping back into the world of hinges and screwing mechanisms! Sure there were some test print failures and prints that didn't succeed, but I think it was definitely worth it. It's a container that surprisingly prints quite easily even though there were hinges and screws. Do I even have to mention that it prints-in-place without any support! This was a challenging design because I haven't designed a print-in-place model that contains both hinges and screws, but the most difficult part was that I had to get the inside part of the lid moving around the outside part of the cap. I could have gone a different direction and built a part at the bottom of the main part that twists around similar to the outside of the cap. But that would be pointless because you would have to turn your hand out of the way every time you want to screw the cap closed. It would also be equally challenging. This was the third and final sketch of the design that I made. The first one had a square box around the main part and cap of the design. I thought by adding this, it would have to use more plastic, but there would be more room for the cap to turn around in the outside part where the hinges are connected. I figured that if I added this it would be useful in a way, but I could rather just scale up the whole design since it uses the same amount of plastic. In the second design, I removed the square boxes around the design, but when I checked at the print time and amount of plastic, it was way too much time and plastic. I scaled the design to the appropriate size and frequently checked that it was not using up too much print time or plastic. After some tweaking, I came up with a pretty good result regarding hinges, screws, and moving parts. After that, I added a few textures and patterns that would prevent the design from slipping out your hand and also looks pretty cool. Thanks Steve


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Material PLA
Support NO
Approx Print Time NONE
Size of Print X 85.19mm, Y 247.01mm, Z 32.02mm

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