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Locked Sector Box

I've been thinking of a new mechanism to lock a Box or container. I woke up one-morning last week and naturally started making some coffee. I noticed the coffee container had this sort of screw/locking mechanism. After about 30mins of roughly sketching a design, I ended up with a design similar to the Sector Box. Of course, I tinkered and tweaked a few parts in the CAD software. Oh... and I almost forgot to mention that it prints-in-place without any support! I started out with a part that moves and slides around and connects at the top of the design. I finally ended up with this screw mechanism. I incorporated it into the triangular Sector Box. The way it works is, when you're opening and closing it by using the handle on the left(right in the photo above), you can turn the screw to lock the box. Tips: I'd recommend waiting a few minutes before releasing the box from the print bed since it's a print-in-place box. I damaged the Creality Ender 3 Pro's print bed while releasing the print. I was in such a hurry to test and check it out that I forgot to wait for it to cool down. I printed the box at 60mm/s and screw at 40mm/s since it's a smaller part. I used a 0.4mm nozzle and a layer height of 0.2mm! Good luck with the prints! Steve


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Material PLA
Support NO
Approx Print Time NONE
Size of Print X 116.4mm, Y 75.71mm, Z 62.4mm

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