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Piggy Sitting(Sir Pigglesfree): Single Extrusion Version

"He seems to be a generic kind of piggy. Perhaps Wilbur(as suggested elsewhere) or maybe Sir Pigglesby in his birthday suit?" So I said. Justin Nesselrotte suggested that in his state of undress he should be known as "Sir Pigglesfree" I do like a pun and so this little piggy's name was chosen! He is a single material model that prints support free. He should scale pretty well too. Printed in a skin colour mixed up for me by Polyalchemy ages ago; works very well for piggly prints. Any light pink should do though. Or indeed, any colour at all - let your imagination run wild. Just remember to post your prints because I love to see them. Sculpted in Blender Piggy Sitting(Sir Pigglesfree): Single Extrusion Version by loubie is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives license.


Support Material


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Material PLA
Support NO
Approx Print Time 4 hrs 16 mins 18 sec
Size of Print X 62.55mm, Y 83.74mm, Z 70.00mm

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Player 1 Wednesday, December 11, 2019

So cute lovely easy print

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